Trimming · Cutting · Perforating

The Trimming, Die-Cutting, and Perforating machine model Trim & Perf can be used for the finishing of digital and offset printed sheets. Saddle-stitched booklets, folded products, adhesive-bound or thread-sewn products, and even single sheets can be finished with interchangeable tools for hole-punching, tear-off-corner perforating, index thumb-cutting, wire-coil punching, die-cutting or -trimming, and splitting. Depending on the accessories, the products are cut with either shear action precision cutting tools or steel-rule dies against a steel plate without nicks. The Trim & Perf can be completed on both ends with different feeders and delivery systems, or it can run in-line with Saddle-Stitcher, Folder, or Perfect Binder for both in-line or off-line operations.


maximum product thickness
(depending tooling)
up to 0.55 in
maximum sheet width23.6 in
maximum sheet length27.6 in
maximum speed, clutch/servo driven*9,000 / 11,000 cycles/h

The actual production speed and effective net performance depend on the format, style and composition of the products, the paper quality, and the general production conditions.