Trimming · Cutting · Perforating

No changes to your production layout are necessary to integrate the Face Trimming machine Easy Fly Pro into your workflow: The machine is positioned either before or after the three-knife trimmer in the production line and merely replaces a part of the conveyor belt. The servo-driven automatic setting, controlled via a touchscreen control panel, allows for a tool-less setup of the machine within 20 seconds. The books enter the machine on an infeed belt. The covers are mechanically separated from the book blocks by opening rails, which are adjustable for precision. The book blocks are then aligned and pressed, and the tungsten carbide knife cuts the book blocks against a cutting strip according to the dimensions entered via the touchscreen. It is also possible to remove only the upper or lower cover from the block as needed. If no front trimming is performed, the Easy Fly Pro works like a conveyor belt.


maximum product width (head to foot)3.9 up to 20.47 in
maximum trimmed product length (face)3.9 up to 13.7 in
maximum product thickness0.12 up to 2.3 in
waste trim0.12 up to 1.77 in
maximum mechanical speed*5,500 cycles/h

The actual production speed and effective net performance depend on the format, style and composition of the products, the paper quality, and the general production conditions.