Trimming · Cutting · Perforating

The DCH 200 Flat Bed Die Cutter works with a sheet transport system achieved via servo-driven clamps. This innovative method ensures excellent quality and adds more value to the finished job. The available print-mark registration and barcode-reading unit is a must-have in finishing digital printed products. The model DCH 200 can be used in the traditional approach of die-cutting a full sheet or sequential die-cutting via a programmable step-and-repeat mode. Using the step-and-repeat mode reduces the setup time, the cost of steel rule dies, the patching time, and the costs for stamping tools. The DCH 200 is particularly suitable for small-to-medium die-cutting needs but also works for high-volume production.


minimum product thickness160 microns
maximum product thickness890 microns up to E flute
maximum blank size20 x 39 in
minimum blank size16 x 16 in
minimum blank size19.3 x 27.5 in
gripper margin, front0.35 in
gripper margin, side0.35 in
maximum die cutting speed, one step*2,000 cycles/hour
maximum die cutting speed
with gripper system, two steps*
1,500 cycles/hour

The actual production speed and effective net performance depend on the format, style and composition of the products, the paper quality, and the general production conditions.