Folding · Gluing · Affixing

The unique roller concept of the Folding Gluing machine model Metro 78 enables an easy configuration of the feeder, transport module, and delivery device. Tool bridges can be positioned at any point of the transport module and hold necessary tools, such as plows, tipper plates, tipping feeders, pic and place units, folding pockets for top and bottom folds, tape dispensers, hot and cold glue systems, turning devices, and capacity folding devices, as well as our patented side-lay devices. The tool bridges can also easily adapt to the versatile requirements arising in the production of short-run digital printed products.


Presentation folders, ticket sleeves, envelopes, boxes, folders, photo envelopes, greeting cards, slipcases, displays, mailers, multimedia packaging, dispensers, product presenters, self-mailers, folding plans, presentation packaging, pop-up cards, promotional articles, folding games; for dispensing flat products such as credit cards, business cards, brochures and greetings cards or product samples; for dispensing double-sided tape and pull-strips

thickness7 up to 36 pt.
blank width4 up to 30 in
blank length4 up to 39 in
maximum speed*490 ft/min

The actual production speed and effective net performance depend on the format, style and composition of products, the paper quality and the quality of the die cut and grease blanks, as well as the general production conditions.