Creasing · Gluing · Folding

The model Cordoba is the fastest Die-Creasing, -Gluing and -Folding machine on the market. The equipment utilizes the traditional die rule and matrix system to produce letterpress-quality creasing on boards of up to 30 pt. (500 g/m²). This innovative system produces standard and inverted creases or creasing and cross-perforating in a single pass with production speeds of up to 12,000 sheets/h. The Cordoba benefits from a special folding unit to fold boards completely flat and crack-free. A gate fold attachment is available to facilitate the closed-gate folding of book covers and brochures. The Cordoba can be used in different configurations for in-line productions, with mailing and folding lines to suit today‘s production requirements.


Brochures, flyers, greeting cards, presentation folders, CD covers, ticket sleeves, dispensing double-sided tape

sheet weight range7 up to 30 pt.
sheet width3.94 to 20.5 in
sheet length7.88 to 47.2 in
number of creasing lines36
creasing accuracy0.0039 in
production speed*up to 12,000 sheets/h

The actual production speed and effective net performance depend on the format, style and composition of the products, the paper quality, and the general production conditions.